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The SELINA data models work best to give prediction analysis to events that have human elements involved.  Why?  Because she assigns numeric ‘weight’ to linguistic data points supplied by people using social media, she can correlate and cross-reference a wide range of socially influenced data points with more traditional, statistical data points.  Essentially, while traditional data models go askew while trying to account for the Human Element, SELINA excels.

Mergers and acquisitions
Business Acquistions
Political Polling Models
Professional sports
Sporting Event Outcome Models
Yellow caution tape on the metal fence at daytime. Crime scene
Crime Forecasting

SELINA.AI can be interacted with via membership powered by our SLNA token.  Additionally, all of her public prediction results are digitally signed prior to an event for free on JUNO.

Coming soon, the SLNA token will be released where users can use the token in a variety of ways:

  • Receive prediction results prior to their free release
  • Receive detailed .pdf breakdowns of predicted event results
  • Request custom data models for private use
  • Engage with the SELINA.AI community
  • Engage with SELINA.EYE

  • Completely self-funded, no grant money was received and no money was raised from the community
  • Is in working state.  The data models are in testing and tweaking accuracy, but the core functionality is all built and in progress
  • Funding her own continued development by profiting from her own Sporting Event Outcome Models as in the test case example below

Social Media Scanning

SELINA.AI scans and extracts social media data including text, location, social trees and time. The more data collected, the more accurate SELINA.AI is...

Proprietary Linguistic Filters

The extracted text is run through proprietary linguistic filters and assigned numeric weight, along with additional data points...

Advanced Simulation Models

All collected data (social, statistical, custom) are combined into data models (with up to 15,000 data points per subset) and simulated a minimum of 1,000,000 times

SELINA.AI Funding Herself


UFC action
Why UFC?

We chose the UFC as a the platform to test SELINA.AI’s growth and accuracy.  We did this because the UFC:

  • Is a 1v1 event, so it limits variables
  • Has less corruption than boxing
  • Has a high human element, especially with social media
  • Has year round events
  • There are limited external factors (such as weather) that need to be accounted for
SELINA.AI has been partially funded by profiting off her prediction analysis.  Want proof?  Use the Validate buttons to view the digitally signed results and then see how that information was used in the bet slip result tickets.





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