SELINA.AI is an evolving artificial intelligence project built in a closed-loop environment gatewayed by JUNO digital signatures.

SELINA stands for Socially Engineered LINguistic Analysis. 

At a high-level, SELINA:

  • Scrubs Public Social Media
  • Filters the Data Through Proprietary Linguistic Filters
  • Merges the Social Data with up to 15,000 other Data Points per SubSection
  • Simulates the Data Model a Minimum of 1,000,000x
  • Generates a Probability Model of an Event Based on the Data Model
  • Results are Digitally Signed Prior to Event Start (only for public Data Models)

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SELINA is Born

The foundation of the entire project is SELINA. Starting as a bot, she is evolving. Getting Smarter... Faster. Her Data Models will continue to improve through each step of the roadmap and beyond, by adding back-tested data and analyzing results of verified events. Project State: Complete

Stage 1 / Complete

Launch NETwork

SELINA's quinceañera is celebrated in Stage 2 with the launch of SELINA.AI. You can interact with SELINA.AI by 1) this Website, 2) via the Discord Community, or 3) by following us on Twitter. Project State: Near Completion

Stage 2 / Near Complete

Launch SLNA

SELINA.AI will launch the $SLNA utility token. Token quantity will be minted/burned in relation to SELINA.AI's accuracy on publicly released, digital-signed forecasts. SLNA tokens will be the only way (to start) for the public to gain access to SELINA's early results, participate in community events and request custom, private Data Models. Project State: Started

Stage 3 / Started

User backend (UX) and Closed-Loop Exchange (CLEX)

Because of SELINA.AI's unique tokenomics, the project will launch with the utility token (SLNA) being sold via a CLEX (Closed-Loop Exchange). This will tie into the backend, user experience to manage SELINA.AI accounts. Please note that the SLNA token is used to power interaction with SELINA.AI and is not a securities token. Project State: Started

Stage 4 / Started


SELINA.EYE is the next step in advancing the SELINA.AI ecosystem. Where the standard model pulls and processes ad hoc for specific instances/events, SELINA.EYE will keep watch and process updates in real time. This will heavily tie into additional uses case such as Crime Forecasting and Polling. Project State: In Development

Stage 5 / In Development

Project Expansion & Self-Governing AI

SELINA will continue to evolve and will start adjusting her own Data Models. The Development team will continue to act as guardians and implement core-improvements while bridging private Data Models and other projects as needed. Project State: Ongoing

Stage 6 / Ongoing