Socially Engineered Linguistic Analysis

Prediction Modeling using Socially Engineered Linguistic Analysis, powered by SLNA tokens and with forecasts that are digitally signed on $JUNO 


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SELINA.AI scrubs public, social media sites and runs the data through proprietary linguistic filters.  The results are assigned dynamic ranges and blended in the Data Model with any other statistical data points.


SELINA.AI then runs a minimum of 1,000,000 simulations on the Model to define a prediction weight to an event.  The Model can be back-tested.  Data points can be  adjusted.  Additional simulations can be run.

Server racks with a lot of hard drives and working it engineer with tech equipments

Results are generated and graded into tiers.  Detailed, post-simulation reports can be generated.  Post-event, variance analysis is run on the model to identify opportunities.

SELINA continues to learn, grow and evolve over time, eventually maintaining the data models autonomously.

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